General Eligibility

To be considered eligible for all awards, applicants must:

  • Submit their completed application through the online portal by March 30, 2016.
  • Be available for telephone interviews and in-person site visits after the close of the application deadline.
  • Disclose the status of any intellectual property (IP) relevant to your submission. Should you be selected as an awardee, your IP will be fully protected throughout the process.
  • The estimated time-to-market for the applicant's product of service will also be important for the selection process.

Certain technology areas will not be considered in scope for this Challenge, and these are as follows:

  • Technologies with a projected time-to-market greater than 10 years
  • IT-related solutions (e.g. monitoring systems, performance analysis tools)
  • PID repair solutions
  • Electronics innovations (e.g. junction boxes, micro-inverters, wiring)
  • Mounting systems
  • Solutions that employ toxic ingredients and/or have an adverse effect on the environment
  • Cleaning methods and tools

Selection Process

For the first round of applications (“Round 1”), applicants will be evaluated based on the ability of their solution to reduce the LCOE of solar PV modules, to promote the non-traditional deployment of solar PV, and/or to advance new business models for integrated solar PV with energy storage. Applications will be evaluated by DSM, Fraunhofer CSE, and Greentown Labs staff. Be aware that any information you provide in Round 1 of the application process must be non-confidential, as TechBridge may share information from applications with other Fraunhofer staff, DSM, or Greentown Labs as part of the selection process.

After the Round 1 evaluation of applications is complete, selected applicants will be invited to advance to Round 2. In Round 2, applicants are expected to discuss their technology and business model in much greater detail through written responses, phone interviews, site visits to Greentown Labs, and/or remote presentations. Any confidential information identified and disclosed by the applicants will be treated as such and will not be shared with DSM unless with specific permission.

After Round 2, startups will be selected based on technical and business merits and alignment with SunRISE.

An approximate timeline for SunRISE is as follows:

  • Close of Round 1 application period : End of March
  • Round 2 application period: Late April to Early May
  • Awardee selection and launch of award programs:  Late May - Mid June